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Outtakes from "Kinetic Tones" released on Oaken Palace records, 2015. These tracks were recorded straight to a Scully 8-track Reel-to-Reel. Session was testing out this recording unit after it was repaired and cleaned, Wright was asked to come use a session direct to tape. 4 tracks out of the session became "Kinetic Tones" and there were 7 additional tracks recorded, presented here as "Tonal Remnants".


Improvised recordings, shorter tracks can be heard as trial beginnings with loops and minimal layering, warming up leading into the longer layered and manipulated effects capturing what is usually performed in live settings. As with analog recording, sound is a bit denser/dark and natural pops and grumbles for sound hitting the tape can be heard at times.


Limited Edition CS edition on Sonic Meditations

75 Bronze Cassettes housed in white norelco cases



Expo Seventy "Evolution" LP / CD / CS

Artist Series Shirts - Available on Bandcamp!

Expo70TonalR LJTTMCover

Fully recorded & unedited version of "Thunderbird Mound" from "Frozen Living Elements" album released in 2014. Improvised track shows the construction of "Thunderbird Mound". A gradual improvisational exploration building rhythms, looping and almost deconstructing the song while drums keep the steady pace at almost 10 minutes of searching as the trio lines up and jams out "Thunderbird Mound".


Available as a download via Bandcamp

" Lysergic Journey To The Thunderbird Mound"