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Limited edition of 100


Auasca presents two never before heard tracks from Expo '70's audio archive. "Ephemeral Totem" was trapped on a reel-to-reel with a track unable to playback to mix for several years.


Side A recorded on reel-to-reel sometime in 2009 by Justin Carrick. Transferred and mixed by Paul Malinowski at Massive Sound, 2017.


Side B tracks from "Sunglasses 7" (Trensmat, 2009) and "Tarot Reading" 7" (Eat, Sleep, Repeat, 2010). Both pressed as 45RPM, variable speed play, presented here at 33RPM.




EXPO 70 "Mother Universe Has Birthed Her Last Cosmos"

LP / CS / 2XCD

Collects the Universal Tonge and Small Doses "Ostara" 3"CDr tracks that have never been re-released. Newly mastered, the LP/CS downloads include 2 out-of-print cassette-only releases from Gold Soundz, "Woolgather Visions" and "Mechanical Elements". "Mother Universe..." features Matt Hill from Umberto on analog drum machine, synth and bass alongside Justin Wright's tripped-out guitar ambiance. The session was hugely inspired by Manuel Göttsching's legendary recording "E2E4".


Zoharum: 2XCD in mini gatefold sleeve

Disc 1: "Mother Universe Has Birthed Her Last Cosmos" & "Ostara".

Disc 2: "Woolgather Visions" & "Mechanical Elements" (Gold Soundz limited cassettes)


Sonic Meditations LP/CS

Edition of 300LP (200 black / 100 color) RELEASED May 2018 

Edition of 100 cassettes




Expo 70 "Alive in 2010" CS/CD

Expo Seventy "Evolution" LP / CD / CS

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