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Expo 70 / SXBRS Split

Kill Shaman






Although I wanted to hear this split release for that one Expo '70 song, I must say I was quite enchanted by SXBRS' take on the noise/rock/prog genre. It might be a bit too close to the whole post-rock scene at times and I don't care much for the whiny vocals, but when the music drifts off into instrumental territory, I'm all ears and hooked. But of course, I would never have heard this hadn't it been for the wonderful track by Expo '70. Simply titled oo7Ooo, the track reminded me of mellower version of some of the early works by finnish legend Pekka Airaksinen and his band Sperm. Manipulated guitar sounds are tightly woven into a gentle drone over which hovers bizarre exotic sounds. Like a journey deep into the ocean or a pleasant trek across an alien jungle, the track is simply a trip. For ten minutes, you will be free of your physical body and see things you have never even heard of before. Magical and unforgettable!