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"Illusive Landscaping"

Diagnosis...Don't Recording)







From List No. 271

We've sort of been inundated with dreamy new sounds from this one man rugblissdrone krautrock revivalist outfit. We're definitely not complaining though. We absolutely can NOT get enough of Expo 70's drawn out guitarscapes, extended spaced out kraut raga drones, churning and pulsing and throbbing, spacey synths and thick rumbling guitars all tangled into haunting sonic transmissions. We're just sort of scrambling to get them all reviewed. So we figured we'd start with this one, the latest, a two track missive that is so dense and layered it might as well be two HUNDRED tracks. Especially since we find ourselves setting the cd player to repeat and just drifting off...


The two tracks here are further examples of Expo 70's washed out space rock SUNNO))) sound, both tracks begin as soft swirls of synth and FX, tripped out and abstract, keening high end, rumbling low end, guitars wiggle and squiggle, all very chaotic but still drone-y and meditative, the first track doesn't deviate too much, the guitars are warm throbs, underpinned by a thick wash of buzzing synth, eventually sloughing off all the FX, leaving just a gorgeous Niblock like minimal drone. But the second track, is quickly subsumed by huge walls of crumbling fuzzed out slow motion riffage, super processed though, so instead of sounding downtuned or even heavy, it just sounds even MORE spacey, and thick and warm and druggy, a single riff, pulled apart and looped over and over and over, super mesmerizing, droning and drifting along through a field of distant fuzz and buzz and warm swaths of subtle synth, eventually fading out leaving nothing but tolling bells... So great.


Packaged in thick textured blue paper mini 3" sleeves, with a printed (band name, label info, liner notes) Japanese style obi.


And as always, these are of course SUPER LIMITED -- just a mere 100 copies, of which we got a majority share! -- and will most likely fly out of here...




With only two tracks and less than twenty minutes worth of music, Expo '70 manages to drag you into his fascinating sea of higher consciousness and keep you submerged throughout. Opening Chrome Cobras is a dark and moody piece based around what sounds like a thick organ drone; serpentine guitar noises come and go throughout, giving the track a desolate, lost-in-the-desert like atmosphere. This number has a minimalist, early Philip Glass or Charlemagne Palestine vibe going for it as well. Blissful Morning starts off magically enough with Wright playing around with tibetan singing bowls before morphing into his usual wall-of-drone (and this one will hit you like a ton of bricks). This one sounds like an extended version of the intro to Faust's Mamie Is Blue (from So Far). Absolutely breathtaking soundscapes once again and a must for you drone enthusiasts, but bare in mind this one is limited to only one hundred copies.