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"Audio Archive 002"

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From list No. 280

EXPO '70 Audio Archive 001: Music From Inaudible Depths

EXPO '70 Audio Archive 002

For a while there it was practically raining Expo 70 cd-r's around here, and we of course couldn't get enough, we were shirtless, soaking wet, jumping around, splashing madly in the sonic downpour. Expo 70 are masters of a sound that so perfectly pushes all of our buttons, a dark spaced out dronemusic, that manages to infuse the typical minimal drone, with the organic pulse of krautrock, the subtle propulsion of prog, the blissed out sonic effulgence of FX drenched space rock, all boiled down to their very essence, a throbbing pulsing organic world of sound, organs whirring, guitars rumbling, buzzing electronics, Moogs spinning out soft spacey shapes, bits of guitar strum, fragments of melody, all drifting in an expansive abyss of shimmering low end.


Dark and melodious, but blurred and smeared into expansive sonic sprawls, a black stream flowing heavenward, carrying us along with it, ambient music, but not wooshy or wussy, fierce and dense, dark and layered, keening sheets of feedback, crumbling chunks of distortion, breaking off like chunks of ice and floating weightless in a sea of hiss and buzz. Heavy enough to block out the SUNNO))), but serene enough to wrap around you like a warm blanket and sink into the soft feathery depths.


These two discs collect unused, unfinished and alternate tracks recorded over the last two years. Both are fantastic, gorgeous, minimal, intense, heavy, dreamy, 001 is packaged in a retro looking paper sleeve, while 002 is in a plain black sleeve with a sticker, and a black on black printed insert. Both are essential, whether you own all the other Expo 70 cds or none of them, and both are crazy cheap, the two together are still less than most single cds, you'd be foolish to buy just one...





Audio Archive 001 might have been a devastating record, but this second installment sounds simply divine. Just pop this baby into your stereo and lose all grip on reality. This is some of the absolute most brain-melting music I've heard in a long time! The opening 042507 is an marvel to behold as smooth, yet repetitive guitar melodies tickle your synapses and block a few neurotransmitters in your head. The following 112706 is a dizzying drone which might induce vertigo or even nausea in some listeners, the perfect soundtrack to your "mornin' after". Fans of Thomas Köner and Birchville Cat Motel can simply not go on living without having heard this stuff! The last track, 120706 sounds like these two artists jamming with Manuel Göttsching and that's just one of the innumerable surprises to be found here. As with many of Expo '70's releases, the (black) CD-R comes housed in a plain folded paper jacket with cool artwork and insert.