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Expo 70 / I Am Seamonster

Small Doses/Short Forest Records


7" / 3" CDr





From list No. 313

Another gorgeous chunk of spacey tripped out downtuned space kraut doom from aQ faves Expo '70. This time they're sharing a 7" with another favorite of ours, the droney, drifty I Am Seamonster.


Expo '70's track begins super minimal and SUNNO))) like, a slow motion riff, the guitar thick and heavy and distorted, riding a single chord, while all around effects whirl and swirl and streak, very mantra like and hypnotic, spaced out and druggy, part way through a second guitar offers some melodic counterpoint, some woozy spidery lysergic minor key leads that sound sun baked even as they drift through the inky blackness, the sound managing to somehow sound both desert and space-y simultaneously.


We hadn't heard anything from I Am Seamonster since their (sadly) now out of print Nebulum cd-r. The track here seems to expand on the IAS sound on Nebulum, crafting a gorgeous landscape of deep guitar swells, each one wreathed in different effects, crumbly and buzzy, blown out and

blurred, the sound at its peak is white hot, but occasionally drift back to something cooler and washed out. Layers of high end settle atop the undulating rumbles and whirs, deep percussive guitars chime and ring out, everything bathed in a blurry shoegazey haze, the guitars slipping and shimmering, the result almost orchestral. So so nice.


Beautiful packaging too, silk screened, metallic blue and silver on black, the back side die cut to reveal the record and sleeve.




Expo 7' gets all sabbathy and goes Iron Man on us with Heterotopia, the first side of this limited split 7" with I Am Seamonster. One resounding, single-note riff is repeated ad infinitum while the ultimate cosmic guitar solo from time immemorial slowly guides us through this occult journey. I Am Seamonster's Smoke Rings is a blisteringly loud sonic curiosity. The track lies somewhere between Ignatz's asylum blues stylings, Fushitsusha's astral aggression and Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western themes. Eclectic is an understatement in this case. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of the first 100 copies (of the 285 run), you also received a quaint little 3"CD with additional tunes from both artists. Wright's track here is a great example of his "retro mode" work as a pulsating background fuzz is joined by Pink Floyd-esque guitar hiccups while I Am Seamonster brings us three servings of deep fried and corrosive guitar solos.




A split 33 1/3 RPM seven inch record here from the likes of EXPO 70 and I AM SEAMONSTER....


This is a release on Short Forest records in the "small doses" series (I guess,from the cover).


IAM SEAMONSTER does Smoke Rings ,which is a slab of distorted slow riffing with small chittering slide guitar sounds echoing around in the mix. It reminds me of Pink Floyd ,era Saucerful, for some strange reason. This is not to say it sounds anything like Floyd,what with it's very "in the red" distorto sound. It's just the vibe I'd guess that brings that comparison. Very distorted in recording sound too, for purists please note that. Although with Acid Mothers (and others) now doing this type of mixing,it shouldn't really trouble most neo-psych heads. A concise little cut of space noise rock!


EXPO70 plays Heterotopia,whose name makes me sort of give-out a little laugh to myself. Here a monolithic drone of an Earth-like quality has sounds like Cotton Casino is playing her best synth-space-bubble wave along with an amazing Edgar Froese-like guitar line flowing over it! Fans of classic sounds should be snapping this up. I've never heard Mr. Wright sound so much like Edgar era Stratosfear,.....and I wish this five and a half minute cut went on for another 10 minutes. Really! Massive and very satisfying,....but waaaay too short for Psychatrone's tastes. But,hell,I'll take what I got here!


Now just a note to Expo70........please,please just for me ,could you do a long form Edgar Froese channeling guitar piece?! I just love that sound!