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"Audio Archive 003"

Kill Shaman







From list No. 310

Volume 3 in the ongoing Audio Archive series from our favorite droney, krautrock inspired combo, Expo '70, whose recent Black Ohms record we made Record Of The Week. And heck we really could have (and maybe should have) made all of Expo '70's Records Of The Week. They all seem to be part of some epic swirling black sonic universe, each cd-r a satellite of sound circling a mysterious sonic black hole, every release another stage, another leap forward into the abyss, an ever expanding sea of deep black drones, of rumbling whirring drift, guitars and synths woven into vast expanses of starry sky shimmer, and underwater moonlight drift.


Volume 3 takes up right where number two left off, taking the glacial crush of SUNNO)), and the blissed out ambience of Popol Vuh, and fusing them into a thick undulating mass, an organic world of sound, painted in shades of grey and black, mesmerizing, hypnotic, lulling us into a black trance, carrying us off on a sluggish stream of downtuned blur and smeared soft focus melodies, these are lullabyes for dark stormy nights, this is meditation music for channeling the dark side.


At once heavy, and mysterious, thick, and buzzing, warm, and dark and expansive, almost metallic, blackened and blissful, ominous and intense, this is some seriously uneasy listening, dark music for dead souls, each track a step further into a dying black sun, into a bottomless black pit, a living sound that entrances, enthralls, ensorcels... we are unable to resist, we give in, we let go, we slowly sink into the inky blackness, letting the drones and rumbles and whirs, fill our ears, our lungs, wrapping us in a gauzy hazy swirl of low end, releasing our spirit from its earthly bonds, letting us pass over into a glorious and haunting otherworld of sound.


Another dark, heavy, blackened missive from these krautdrone innerspace explorers. And like the others, recommended.


Simple packag

ing, silver and black ink on cardstock, with printed insert. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES!!!




The Audio Archive series by Expo '70 have always been my favorite releases by this artist, so I was quite excited to find out it wouldn't end with only two volumes. What is it that is so special about this series then? I guess it's because I find these compilations of odds and ends to be more varied than the proper albums. Whereas the main albums seem to focus more often on variations of heavy, doom-inflected drones, this series finds the artist exploring a wider array of sounds. Some of the tracks on this release even border on ambient music. The opening Great Glass Mountain even sounds a bit like the some of the music created for the PS3 game Everyday Shooter with it's delayed guitar phrasings and improvisational approach. There are of course many heavier dronescapes to be found throughout the album, but it's also here that the artist's retro vibe is most prominent and for this reason alone they will always remain my favorites.