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Small Doses


3" CDr (editoin of 105)






What more to say about Justin Wright and his Expo 70 that we haven't already? Every record so far a deep dense slab of drifting droning outer space krautdrone heaviness. And this 22 minute single song ep is no exception.


Taking the glacial downtuned rumble of SUNNO))), and sending it spinning into the outer reaches of the galaxy, Wright crafts another expansive psychedelic, smoldering downtuned dronescape, merging a blissy dreaminess with a seriously caustic heaviness, the two blend and blur into one single epic long form drone, flecked with delicate melodies, constantly shifting textures, overtones surfacing all over the place, the entire track a single heaving organic whole, throbbing and pulsing and whirring and rumbling, if they decided to remake Cosmos (how could you without Carl Sagan?!?!?) updated and modernized, this would be the soundtrack for all of the various and glorious goings on in the universe, exploding supernovas, births of planets, swirling black holes, this is the sound of blackness extending into space, spreading out endlessly, forever and forever.


Gorgeous and breathtaking, Expo 70 is definitely creating some of the most gorgeous dronemusic we've ever heard. And Ostara is yet another fantastic addition to Wright's stunning, and constantly expanding body of work.


LIMITED TO 102 COPIES. Comes in a mini plastic sleeve, with a diecut triangular insert that folds out into a pyramid. Cool!




With Ostara, Wright just might have birthed the perfect soundtrack to fill in the cosmological void. The contrastingly small format also adds to the larger-than-life quality of the recording. How could so much come from so little? These twenty-one minutes of sonic bliss simply sound too huge to fit into a 3" CD-R. This idea applies to the music itself as well. Starting with a basic pulsating drone structure, Wright slowly builds upon it, adding repeating patterns and minimalist loops without ever destabilizing the deeply numbing effect of the piece. The results remain minimal, monolithic even, yet they sound so vast it's as if you are contained within these sounds. It's quite a trip. The music might be inspired by an obscure germanic goddess, yet the results exceed Expo '70's usual esoteric references. Fans of Thomas Köner and early Tangerine Dream will get a kick out of this one. Limited to 102 copies, Ostara comes with a fold-out pyramid-shaped insert.




I don't know if this happens to you guys? But being an artist I often see a band's name and I start to pinpoint the sound I imagine them being then assign them sort of graphical representation. Expo 70 is an endless circle to me. The snake eating the tail, tail eating the snake. All the while Justin Wright runs a god damn buzz down and around my cerebral cavity. "Ostara" is no exception. Running at a slick 22 minutes with epic long based drone accented with melody, shifting textures and overtones of space. Is this Justin's Dark Star? Might as damn well be! I say lets strip Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra from 2001: A Space Odyssey and tack this in its place! Feed it through the astronaut's helmets on their next space trip. MIND BLOWER! 8/10 -- Darryl Norsen (8 September, 2009)