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"Woolgather Visions"

Gold Soundz (Norway)


Limited to 100

50 Red covers / 50 Green Covers







Excellent late-night psych jammers from Justin Wrights one-man krautrock/psych emsemble Expo 70... Touching magic in the Popol Vuh sense on side 1 on "Tropical trip through acid clouds", he lays down some stunning guitar work, this really takes you out there.. On side 2 he takes it down to earth, and then some, on the omnious drone based piece "Hexed by a devil in the cemetary". If you've come to love these beautiful psychedelic transmissions, you know what to expect... Unbeliveably cool cosmic-nudie covers that should make even Klaus Schultze think he should have had a better career consultant... Wraparound A4 paper covers, black cassettes. Take the cover to your local printshop, enlarge it, and you got yourself one swanky poster... Edition of 100 copies (50 in bright green covers, 50 in red covers).




"Woolgather Visions" is a cassette (complete with dreamy nude girl cover!) that has two good sides of night-visions - one called "Tropical Trip Through Acid Clouds" and the other "Hexed By a Devil In The Cemetery". Of course one side is more of a lighter trip,and the other a more freaked-out affair. But either side is full of fine conjurations for your head. "Tropical Trip..." starts off like something by Achim Reichel and soon melts into a drone with another guitar solo evoking early Tangerine Dream,and God knows I'm all for that sort of action! "Hexed..." is more in line with the darker parts of the "live" album of Ummagumma,....with spooky drones and whispered,half heard voices calling forth all sorts of darkness. Yeah,spooky but cool at the same time...just right as far as my ears tell me.




YES!!! Retro boobs and psych are like a match made in heaven (just check out a few of Acid Mothers Temple). With the enigmatically titled Woolgather Visions, Expo '70 continue to deliver some of the most potent old school krautrock-inspired soundscapes out there today. These two side-long tracks feature dreamy background drones on which Wright lays down his Teutonic guitar chops the same way ancient poets would jot down their feverish verses on paper. His signature use of doom, always present in subtle amounts, makes this work rise above those of his contemporaries. The heavy use of delay on Tropical Trip Through Acid Clouds even gives this tune a certain industrial rock quality rarely found in Expo '70's other works. Hexed By A Devil In The Cemetery is even more atmospheric and gloomy than the first as if Göttsching were jamming with Sunn O))). Only 100 tapes which simply come inside a folded colored sheet of paper.