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"Galaxy of Mysticism"

Reverb Worship


First Edition Limited to 80

Second Edition Limited to 100






I have been a fan of the music of Expo 70 for sometime.We started discussions about doing this album many months ago.Justin went away and recorded this specially for Reverb Worship.On hearing "Galaxy Of Mysticism" I was very impressed and highly delighted.On this recording you will hear Justin Wright (electric guitar and analogue drum machine) and McKinley Jones (voices and realistic moog).The album is made up of three long psychedelic improvisations that take you to another dimension.Like some lost soundtrack to a science fiction movie.The music pulsates, floats and reverberates to the centre of your mind. Edition of 80 hand numbered copies with inserts screen printed by on a gocco press by Justin.




Another gloriously spaced out missive from one of our favorite purveyors of space-kraut-drone, Expo 70, aka Justin Wright, with occasional help from a small cadre of fellow sonic explorers. This one disappeared in no time, sold out in a flash, limited to 100 copies maybe. The label agreed to whip up another batch just for us, but once these are gone, you're out of luck, so grab one while you can, cuz it's another good'un. Then again, we've yet to experience a bad one from Wright.


Three tracks, three movements, each an extended part of Expo's Galaxy Of Mysticism, the parts named Altar Of Mystic Rites, Entrance To The Outer Circle, and Central Sphere Of The Mystical Galaxy, which should give you an idea of what sort of druggy, spacey, heart of the sun shit we're talking about here. Spiralling strands of guitar reach out into the warm whirling blackness, looped effects pulse and throb, the sound crystalline and delicate, but subtly ominous as well, hypnotic, mesmerizing, and dreamily psychedelic.


The second movement amps up the energy a little, a thick wash of whirring organ is the foundation, for high end squiggles and spidery melodies, the sound growing thicker and thicker, the underlying drone getting more and more dense, finally giving way to the closing movement, a swirling cloud of chordal swells, and layered shimmer, all held together by the simple pound of a drum machine, the track quickly growing more freaked out and psychedelic, lysergic leads stretching out amidst streaks of glitched out and swooping space FX, the guitars finally loosed and offering up heaving walls of crumbling doomic distortion. Heavy and spacey and divine.


Seriously transcendent spaced out kraut psych... and INSANELY LIMITED, these are the last copies ever, cool hand screened splatter sleeves with pasted on logo, and mini printed insert.




Just a second…gasp…I need to catch my breath…gasp…It’s hard to keep up with all the…gasp…jillions of releases that Expo 70 has been cranking out. Geez, how many did Justin Wright put out in ’09 alone? At least 10, I think…it’s gotta be more though. Like I said, it’s hard to keep up. Wright’s brand of krauty spaced-out ambiance is definitely a winner though. Sometimes I feel like my soul’s leaving my body. Sometimes I just feel like I’m levitating. Sometimes I feel like I’m in some cosmic channel communicating with other life forms. Any way you slice it, “Galaxy of Mysticism” is another tithe left at the celestial altar. These three tracks are a fragrant offering rising up into the galactic unknown. This one is not just another Expo 70 release to be lost in the pile though. No, this one stands out from the others. This one is sure to be coveted by fans as a beacon of greatness in his back catalog.


But, don’t just listen to me. Look at the many others who have become converts to Expo 70’s astral guitar homilies. Reverb Worship released this one in a run of 80 copies and they sold out of them within the week or so. They released a second edition of 100 copies to appease the masses. It is so good because it’s psych unlike what you’ll hear anywhere else. Wright is really coming into his own and mastering his style. This will cram you into a rocket and fly you to the moon. Lose the gravity and get “Galaxy of Mysticism.” Captain’s log: ORDER THIS NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


10/10 -- Dave Miller (16 December, 2009)




Expo '70 are on a roll of late. Ten albums for the year 2009 alone! You'd think the quality of the music would be suffer with such a huge output. Not so. However, Galaxy Of Mysticism does start off pretty slowly. The opening minutes of Altar Of Mystic Rites lack some of the intensity and mood we've come to expect from Wright and friends. That two-note mosquito synth and sci-fi background doesn't quite capture that cosmic essence, but stick around as things get better towards the end when an ominous drone finally sets in, destroying all life behind it. From that point on, the album really shines. This one is for the drone freaks. Entrance To The Outer Circle is a massive, early Schulze-inspired beast which will leave your ears ringing for days. The reason why you'll need this album however is for the closing Central Sphere Of The Mystical Galaxy, a huge cosmic trip which includes one of the better solo freak outs of the year. 80 copies!