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"Psychic Funeral"



CDr (edition of 75)


Sonic Meditations


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Rien de plus simple que d’oublier des disques. En 2009, il y en avait trop à retenir. Passés à l’as : Sonic Messenger et Psychic Funeral d’Expo 70. Sous ce pseudonyme de groupe, il n’y a qu’un seul musicien, un américain du Texas, qui explore depuis quelques années des musiques que l’on pensait réservées à l’Europe des seventies, à la clique autour d’Ash Ra Tempel et Cluster / Harmonia. Mais le bonhomme, Justin Wright (il n’y pas moins allemand comme nom), possède sans doute un sens du transport temporel lui permettant de s’échapper en 1071/1972/1973/1973 à peu près tous les jours, à peu près à chaque fois qu’il touche une guitare ou un synthétiseur Moog. Son Psychic Funeral est un double CDR sorti par le label Français Ruralfaune (je vous recommande tout ce qui y sort) à 75 exemplaires faits à la main sous une pochette post-psyché, post-odyssée de l’espace, post-pyramidal. Sur chaque CD, un seul morceau de 18 minutes, planant et triste, tout en intériorité et contemplation interne. Le genre de morceau que l’on écoute seul, qui ne se partage pas, que personne d’autre que soi, fatigué, ne peut comprendre. que peut-on jouer d’autre à des funérailles ? Jean-François Bizot avait demandé un jour à ce que l’on joue le Disco 3000 de Sun Ra : je ne sais pas si l’on a respecté sa volonté, mais il aurait peut-être bien aimé entendre, un jour, les entrailles mélancoliques d’Expo 70. Elles auraient bien leur place dans cet Actuel des temps modernes qui n’existera jamais.




"Psychic Funeral"...a double 3 inch CD-R release in a purple cosmic haze cover a tiny gate-fold reveals two slabs of 3 inch polycarbonate embeded with more groovy vibrations. One disc is "Black Candles", the other is "Psychokenesis Within Meme" and here things are a bit darker (as the titles would lead you to figure...). "Black Candles" isn't as deathly as it's title infers...but an evening darkness pervades here. You can almost see the sun slipping behind the mountains ....deeper tones make for an "impending dark" feeling. The rhythm that comes stealing into this piece is almost heart-beat like too...add to this a spooked out organ and you get the idea of the slight chill running through this piece. Cool and dark,is the operative feeling here. "Psychokenesis..." is more a dronepiece straight from it's start...soon enough some guitar notes are added to the mix,like a spice....just little by little ,tastefully. You might tend to envision a Fripp and Eno type of sound to this piece. So here you get the darker aspect of Expo 70 on disc one,and a very meditative sound on disc two.The best of both worlds, I'd say! So over these three've got a few different angles of Expo 70's sound....and all of them are excellent, depending on what mood you'd like to invoke...just take your pick and float with them.




Expo '70 sits back and relaxes with his trusty Moog and guitar, peels away the layers of day to day reality, meditates some and then showers us with some kaleidoscopic sonic waves of cosmic rainbow bliss. I don't believe I've ever heard Wright and co. in such a blissed out mood as they are on Psychic Funeral. Perfect headphone music, one could easily meditate on this music and propel ones soul into altered states. Black Candles is a stunning drone composition in the same spirit as those early Goblins soundtracks for Dario Argento's films, but slowed down to a snails pace with a pulsating heartbeat as our only guide through this trip. As amazing as this track is, Psychokenesis Within Meme is even more ambient and tripped out. Listening to this track will actually slow life down around you. Each of these two epic tracks gets it's own individual 3"CD-R, both of which are then housed inside a simple, card-sized plastic wallet.




his ultra limited, double 3"cd-r from one of our favorite space synth kraut drone explorers disappeared before we could get our hands on any copies at all. Thankfully, both the band and the label offered to do another (equally limited) pressing of the cd-r's, just for aQuarius, so we got a bunch of those, and we also got a handful of the cassette tape version, just released on Expo 70's own label, so this is definitely your last chance to grab one of these cd-r sets, odds are the tapes won't be around long either, and by now, you know pretty much everything Expo 70 is worth owning.


And Psychic Funeral is indeed another primo slab of glistening washed out space drone drift. Two 18+ minute missives from the farthest reaches of the solar system, the first, a hushed glistening sprawl, all stretched out tones, and upper register shimmer, minimal melodies wrapped around clouds of chordal whir, deep cavernous drones underpinning constantly shifting streaks, buried pulses, swirly and tangled, almost cinematic sounding stretches of lost soundtrack music, haunting and mysterious and otherworldly, building to a buzzing finale, before slipping into a strange looped outro.


The second disc / side is another wide open starscape of melodic fragments, of prismatic glimmer, a softly blurred expanse of tonal color and softly heaving swells, a Tangerine Dream of kaleidoscopic swirls and layered sonic smears, eventually billowing into some soft focus psychedelia, the guitars unfurling some gorgeously chiming reverb drenched melodic tendrils, before drifting back in the blackness of space. So gorgeous.


Killer packaging too, the cd version features hand screened 3" discs, housed in a folded plastic pouch with a full color insert. Tape has a swank full color sleeve. And again VERY VERY LIMITED.