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"Tarot Reading"

Eat, Sleep, Repeat



Limited to 300







'Tarot Reading' is a heavily spaced out excursion that bears all the key characteristics of Expo '70 at his peak with a cluttering of treated guitar and keyboard drones that stir up a sea of texture slowly evolving the track into all consuming mass of ambient resonant fudge.

Then flip over to side B for 'Solar Drifting' which starts with some nervous pulsating electronic glitches before skittering guitar meanderings are introduced gradually building a paranoid energy into an expansive whacked out star-gazing tangle of melody and sound.

Breathless genius.




I had my tarot cards read once. They were quite kind to me but they also told me that one shining day, I would have to listen to ambient/drone tomfoolery... Well lookee here sir. Expo 70's latest slice of vinyl is a blissed-out floaty affair. It wouldnt sound out of place on a film soundtrack. It's well cosmic.The flipside has a blazing guitar solo that was in danger of taking me into space. Luckily I am carrying what you might call "holiday weight" so my bulk stopped me... Phew..


5/5 stars. This record left our Dave feeling happy.




Expo Seventy is the recording handle of Justin Wright, a prolific drone/psyche improviser with some thirty or more releases to his name. Appearing on the very promising Eat.Sleep.Repeat label, he contributes two dramatically elemental sides. On the A-side 'Tarot Reading' taps into an ancient vein of howling feedback and primordial bass surges to provoke nightmares and unsettle inexperienced psychonauts. On the flip 'Solar Drifting' cuts the anchor cord and intrepidly pushes off into a starry forest of folk drone guitars and stray Moog signals like Fursaxa meets Earth in a log cabin on the flipside of the moon.