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Now here's a cassette worth owning and operating! BLACKOUT by Expo70, is two long improvised spaceward soundtracks for your eadphone listening, mental travels. BUT this time these are evidence of the band's live stage abilities. Yes, two prime space, drone, guitar freak-outs from their East Coast 2009 tour!


Both are New York shows, one from the City (Manhattan) and one from upstate New York in Ithaca's more rural setting. Funny enough I have to admit to preferring side "A"'s Ithaca show just for the blazing stabs of pure electric guitar solo sounds, again very much in an early Edgar Froese mold. Thank God for that too, since Edgar seems to have forgone using his axe lately, hiring side-men to play more..."gasp"...modern sounding solos for the odd Tangerine Dream live outings. So for fans of that classic fuzz-toned guitar growl from the swamps of neptune,....well, come right on up and make your purchase here. Then get ready to fly in the cosmic darkness of these two un-named cuts! I think that there may be a CD-R version of this coming some time, but it may be in micro quantities, hurry up and visit the Expo 70 web-site and stake your claims before this little beauty vaporises into just fables of releases of yore...


By the way, side "B" here is a live selection from a show caught for WNYU and is no slouch in comparison to it's sister "A" side. No, it's just that the rare, pure guitar solo sounds on side "A" really are my kind of treat. "Manhattan" here starts with an organic organ sound with squiggles of synth/generator sounds swirling overhead, soon a drone of Kosmich sounds develops into an echo poem from some space-cave. This cave opens out onto the universe sooner or later and draws you into some alien sky-ways,where extraterrestrial drones soon enfold your head in the most blissfull of ways. If this doesn't make much sense to you, well, sorry, I thought I was talking to experienced sound travellers here. If this sounds like what you've been searching for in music, I've said,make your purchase a quick one. These suckers disappear faster than comet trails in the night sky. Enjoy!




Two half-hour blissed-out excursions into whatever cosmic voids Expo '70 tore open in Ithaca and Manhattan (tracks 1 and 2, respectively). It's Expo '70 doing what Expo '70 do, have done, and will continue to do indefinitely at an alarming rate, made extra alarming by how good it is. Recorded live, allegedly "on less sleep than you can imagine", the duo takes things to the more weightless side of their sound with impossibly huge, dense celestial drones that refuse to be anchored by the comparatively timid drum machine. Two sprawling pieces of improvisation and neo-psych meanderings prove the band to be at the top of whatever game it is they're playing, if for some reason their expansive and curiously/appropriately highly-rated discography hasn't tipped you off yet.




You know how Expo 70 do by now: all kosmische guitar 'n' synth dronery and that. The sounds on this CD are culled from the same US East Coast tour which apparently spawned the multi-platinum LP 'Where Does Your Mind Go?' Well, we sold a few of 'em at least. You've got two fine examples of his schtick, one recorded in Ithaca, New York, the other in Manhattan and both with Matt Hill of Umberto watching his back armed to the teeth with a bass, a drum machine and a Korg of some description. In classic insightful press release style I will say that this is 'For fans of: Expo 70'.

4 stars according to Brett-




It's been a little while since we've heard anything new from Justin Wright and his interplanetary sonic soundship Expo 70, and technically this isn't a proper new record, instead this is two live sets captured on tour in 2009, when Expo 70 were in New York, two 30+ minute sets of hazy, swirly, ambient kosmische drift.


The first set, from Ithaca, begins with a wild squall of lead guitar, and sod crowd sounds, before the duo (featuring Matt Hill of Umberto!) get down to business, unfurling a hazy sprawl of tangled melodies, and softly pulsing guitar, a lush backdrop for some seriously soaring psychedelic leads, all washed out and lysergic, like some classic Santana jam stretched way out and hurled into space, the whole thing gradually getting more and more intense and distorted and aggressive, the bass throbbing, the guitar howling, a churning heavy crescendo that quickly dissipates into a super ethereal stretch of ambient shimmer, warm clouds of muted effects and softly swirling electronics, gradually fading into nothingness.


The Manhattan show begins with some hazy crystalline drift, soft clouds of warm guitar drifting over the top, laced with little curlicues of effects, and slow drifting slabs of melodic whir, this track is way more sci-fi, edging into Umberto territory, getting all soundtracky and cinematic, lots of swooping electronic bleeps and bloops, all over some super minimal dubbed out percussion, the second half of the set way more low slung and slithery, deep cavernous bass, distant rumbles, soft streaks of synth, lots of softly swirling layers, slipping through clouds of spaced out electronics, and then a long stretch of almost choral liturgical sounding organs, all droned out and meditative, growing ever more hazy and indistinct. So nice.


We're definitely dying for a proper new full length, but these two chunks of primo sci-fi psychedelic kraut drone drift will definitely hold us over for now!


Super nice packaging, a glossy six panel digipaks with various images from the 2009 tour, from whence these recordings came.




Stellar document of two extended live shows from Justin Wright’s drone kings Expo 70, here on particularly squealing acid rock form. The duo of Wright on electric guitar and Moog and Matt Hill on bass, analog drum machine and Korg generate a thick smoke of kosmische keyboards ala Popol Vuh/Klaus Schulze/Bobby Beausoleil which they then blow to smithereens with serpentine guitar lines and ominous black clouds of pure electricity. Classic drone channelled straight from the source and packaged in a swell pro-printed colour six-panel fold-out sleeve.




Stellartwo massive fuck-off acid (in every sense) live jams from expo ’70. in numbers: two sides, two thirty one minute sets from ithaca and manhattan, october ought nine, two fellas (justin wright, matt hill), two guitars, one korg, one moog, one drum machine.


it’s as bad-ass as semi-drone gets. it’s as gentle and exploratory as this sorta psych metal shenanigans gets. but reductive and lazy, descriptively.


there’s some kinda beat in there. in that drifting au natural taj mahal travellers way. in that aimless agoraphobic wombnoise the best kosmiche had. macro and micro. all flatlined horizons and wide open spaces. all popul vuh / schulze internal skygoddreamscape drift. not so much scoring herzog as a particularly blank sci-fi-ish gaspar noe. but with beef y’know, muscular doomy lektrikal hoom and occasional churn and squall that simmers and unwraps itself like mibbes a tranq enriched minimalist two man lsd pond or a bardo santana square off. unfurling tendrils of pulse and tangled melodies that go somewhere but never quite get there. and fuckit that’s fine. i dig vanishing points.


just has that odd organic / machine quality i’m digging. but then i’m writing this out back with two wonky lights barely luminating shit and nothing but the gentle woosh of traffic noise and meandering nocturnals drifting through the washed out night’s smoke and arhythmic laptop click and hum. seems kinda right.