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CS (edition of 150)







Seattle's Further Records is slated to issue Radience by Expo 70 on June 20. It's a cassette-only release limited to 100 copies. Taken from live shows in 2008 and 2009, Radience consists of two epic tracks of guitar- and Moog-generated drones and space-rock meditations that are geared to whip your gray matter into a zesty froth, jolt your chakras to glowing attention, and make Earth seem very distant. At least that's what happened with me; I'm in sleep debt. As always, your mileage may vary.




Cracked and restless synth pulsations fulfill the stifling rooms of you mind. Breathless thoughts rush through them as a bureaucratic caravan of overlooked dreams and overheard confessions. In each room you find the same golden sphere of your hibernating consciousness. You traverse over boundaries. One of the rooms contains an answer. But the dream is too short to find the right one.

Splendid tape!