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Expo 70 / Brainworlds "Abnorman Vergence"

Hooker Vision


CS (edition of 100)





Here's a nice pairing, featuring Expo 70, who needs no introduction to the aQ readership, and Brainworlds, an Atlanta based guitarist whose work at least here rivals that of Expo 70. Both of these long tracks are recordings from a night of cosmic meditation in 2010 at the seminal performance space Eyedrum in Atlanta. Brainworlds' deep guitar tones float weightlessly in a shimmering expanse from his hypnotic loops and evocative cosmic solo work outs that come across like some lost Ash Ra Tempel jam getting remixed by Troum at their most stratospheric. Really stunning work, and this would have been great to see live given the reverberant acoustics of Eyedrum. Justin Wright was in more of a cosmic mindset for that performance too. Wright's guitars take after some of Michael Rother's phrasing at the beginning of his set, locking into a darker heavier mantra as the performance moves forward with a pulsing rhythm and heavy chords reminiscent of Expo 70's masterful album Black Ohm. Classic drugged-out space drone bliss from both Brainworlds and Expo 70. We're pretty sure this is a 60 minute tape; it's damn long regardless... but it's limited too, just 100 copies released from the Hooker Vision imprint run in part by Rachel Evans of Motion Sickness of Time Travel.




“Abnormal Vergence” is a gem of a cassette from the always delightful Hooker Vision imprint, presented in the classic psych-drone split format: one lengthy side-long jam from each of the participants. Both of these epic slabs of long-form third-eye tickling sound was recorded live at Atlanta’s Eyedrum in September, 2010. Brainworlds tackles the A side with “Labyrinthitis,” infecting our ears with cascading clouds of layered guitar loops. Mason Brown – the guitar wizard behind the Brainworlds moniker – delves deep within his suitcase full of effects pedals to concoct a devious maelstrom of sound. On the flip, perpetual psychonaut Justin Wright invites us into his malleable sound world with his own take on loop-heavy goodness, “Stepping Further Outside Petulance and Recurring Ambivalence.” On this piece, Wright gets all ‘one-man band’ on us, playing guitar, analog drums and Moog synth at various times during the performance. Both pieces manage to shape-shift in both subtle and overt ways throughout their execution. The Brainworlds side introduces a stuttering melody that gurgles until it almost boils over, while Wright soars further and further away from the Earth once his piece achieves lift-off.