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Expo 70 / Altair Temple

Radar Swarm


LP (edition of 500)





Justin Wright's Expo 70 is back, this time sharing vinyl space with French duo Altair Temple for a trip headlong into the bonged up psych-drone ether. On Wright's side we've got a jam from the same sessions as his righteous Death Voyage outing, and he sculpts swirling dark masses of sound with heavily effected guitar and Moog, sometimes underpinned by the steady pulse of an analog drum machine. Flip it and Altair Temple deal out some gently pulsing mid-end synth drone that's most relaxing and mystical-sounding, with subtle playful melodies right on the periphery to tease you deep into the hypnotic swells as it slowly builds and morphs. It's sending me into a right old trance. Both sides of this fine split provide some of the best in finely detailed drones for the connoisseur. Well worth investigating. 4/5...according to our Mike




Expo ’70 contributes a side long excursion into the drone mind with the track ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’. Saying that Expo ’70 takes you on a journey is understatement at its extreme. Perfectly suited to the vinyl format and to headphone listening.


Altair Temple continues the precedent set by Expo ’70 on the previous side by contributing 3 more tracks of wonderous drones. Deep resonance abounds. Large, heavy speakers essential. Or ruddy good headphones.


Essential movies for the mind.


Limited to only 300 copies, all on white vinyl, don’t expect these to hang around very long.