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"Live at Guestroom Records 2012"



CS (edition of 50)





i am a longtime fan of guitar god justin wright's unique blend of kosmische which he has proliferated for more than a decade and more than fifty albums, synthesizing entire sectors of ambient, drone and psychedelia - ASH RA TEMPEL, EARTH, ENO, SCHULZE, SUNN O))), TANGERINE DREAM - more recently evolving into a fully realized as a power trio for the ages, a mind blowing metamorphosis melding wright's deep meditative focus with the inner workings of heavy doom and stoner rock touchstones SLEEP & KYUSS, captured here as a headliner goin all out across a 66 minute set minimally edited and mixed for that live in person vibe although admittedly i have a perverse taste for crushed fly on the wall sonics, it's a nonstop trip, no breaks, no brakes, hold on to somethin and zone way out .


Numbered edition of 50, pro dubbed c86, mustard shell, embossed labels, pro printed hand scored 4 panel j card on gold cardstock, vellum label insert, poster insert, full artwork insert, clear norelco case. limited edition cassette available 23 FEBRUARY 2015.