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10.16.21 THE RECORD BAR (KCMO) EXPO SEVENTY W/ We Are The Asteroid / HXXS / Jorge Arana Trio


10.01.21 REPLAY LOUNGE (LAWRENCE, KS) EXPO SEVENTY W/ Keef Mountain / Drifter








05.11.19 SCREENLAND CROSSROADS (KCMO) EXPO SEVENTY live score to "Ye Old Destruction" 16mm film



04.11.18 THE RECORDBAR (KCMO) EXPO SEVENTY W/ Acid Mothers Temple & You Doo Right

02.27.18 VOLTAIRE (KCMO) W/ SHSH, SOLLUS Duo. Inspired School of Astral Music - BENEFIT FOR JUSTIN WRIGHT



03.17.17 THE UNION LIBRARY (KCMO) EXPO SEVENTY W/ Hyborian, Keef Mountain, Inner Altar

04.22.17 GUEST ROOM RECORDS (Norman, OK) EXPO 70 - RDS in-store



05.21.16 HOLY COW MALLROOM (KCMO) W/ Sterling Holman

05.20.16 HOLY COW MALLROOM (KCMO) w/ Sterlin Holman, Benjamin Cissner

04.16.16 CAFE BERLIN (Columbia, MO) w/ Choff, DJ Trip Maker



08.14.15 FUZZ & FIRE FESTIVAL (KCMO) EXPO SEVENTY trio w/ Keef Mountain, A Light Within, Druids, Merlin, The Midnight Ghost Train

06.13.15 UFO Club (Detroit) w/ Olivia Neutron-John

06.12.15 SOUND SÉANCE I (Toronto) w/ Dirty Inputs / Olivia Neutron-John / Babel / Caro Diaro

06.11.15 Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival (Montreal) w/ DIRTY INPUTS + MONTREAL NINTENDO ORKESTAR

05.05.15 THE RECORD BAR (KCMO) w/ Darsombra, Expo 70 (solo synth Set)



09.06.14 MELTASIA FESTIVAL (Lafaytte, GA) w/ Black Lips, Hawkwind, Danava, Witch Mountain, Black Oak Arkansas+

09.04.14 THE MOTH LIGHT (Asheville, NC) w/ Ecstatic Vision, Gymshorts

04.28.14 THE RECORD BAR (KCMO) w/ LOOP, People's Temple

04.26.14 NORMAN MUSIC FESTIVAL (Norman, OK) w/ The Conquerors+

03.12.14 Replay Lounge (Lawrence, KS) w/ Ether Island +

03.26.14 FOUNDATION (KCMO) w/ Ether Island, Keef Mountain

03.22.14 HQ (KCKS) w/ Midday Veil +

04.11.14 THE RECORD BAR (KCMO) w/ Darsombra, Ancient River



12.04.13 SEEDco STUDIOS (Lawrence, KS) w/ Kevin Greenspon / Big Waves of Pretty / C S Luxem +

09.26.13 THE RECORD BAR (KCMO) w/ Windhand +

09.22.13 FOKL CENTER (KCKS) w/ Ether Island (members of Mythical Beast) +

09.14.13 KIRBY'S BEER STORE (WITCHITA, KS) w/ Death Black Flower, Snow Child

09.05.13 HOPSCOTCH MUSIC FESTIVAL The Hive @ Busy Bee (RALEIGH, NC) w/ Ken Vandermark & Tim Daisy Duo, Noise Trauma and Ama Divers

07.04.13 MOTHER RUSSIA PRESENTS 4TH OF JULY BLOCK PARTY (KCMO) w/ Charnel House, blondie brunetti and DM, born in babylon, RLT, Grey Cells, Cemeterian, Sneaky Creeps, Nature Boys, Time Gate:ISAM, Brothers Zoto, MRM, metatone, Sephiroth and VertigoN.E., Heartfelt Anarchy

06.19.13 THE SHIP (KCMO) w/ Lazy The Devil

05.18.13 KC PSYCHFEST FOKL (KCKS) w/ Conquerors, Comoros, Bloodbirds, Snake Island, Karma Vision

05.03.13 DEBACLE FEST (Seattle, WA) w/ John Wiese, Date Palms, Nate Young, Hieroglyphic Being, Total Life, MTNS, Brain Fruit,

Plankton Wat, Black Hat, Panabrite

04.05.13 MIDWESTERN MUSICAL COMPANY First Friday (KCMO) w/ Sounding the Deep 8PM

03.30.13 MOUTH HOUSE (Denver, CO) w/ Midday Veil, Night Nurses, Pythian Whispers, Tollund Men

03.29.13 SIDE DOOR LOUNGE (Omaha, NE) w/ Midday Veil

03.28.13 ERONEL (Dubuque, IA) w/ Midday Veil, Young Indian

03.27.13 RADIO RADIO (Indianapolis, IN) w/ Midday Veil, Ghost Box Orchestra

03.26.13 SOUND WORKSHOP (Bloomington, IN) w/ Charnel House, Thee Open Sex, and Skyprojection

03.22.13 TREE FORT MUSIC FESTIVAL Grainey's Basement (Boise, ID) SOLO SET w/ Inspired School of Astral Music

03.20.13 LOST LAKE (Denver, CO) SOLO SET w/ Inspired School of Astral Music

03.19.13 FOKL (Kansas City, KS) w/ Midday Veil, The Conquerors

03.18.13 STASH (Norman, OK) w/ Midday Veil, Lonely Mountain

03.18.13 GUESTROOM RECORDS (Oklahoma City, OK) w/ Midday Veil

03.16.13 SXSW THE HIDEOUT THEATER (Austin, TX) w/ Sun Araw, Kay Leotard, Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Warm Climate,

Shit and Shine, Protomartyr, Spray Paint, Deep Time

03.15.13 SXSW Legendary White Swan (Austin, TX) w/ Vaz, Multicult, Shit & Shine, G. Green, Lame Drivers +

03.14.13 SXSW SLOPUMP (Austin, TX) HOUSE PARTY w/ Midday Veil, Sungod, Cloudland Canyon, Part Time, Quilt, Mmoss, Warm Climate, Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III

03.14.13 SXSW Equinox Mish Mash @ Salvage Vanguard Theater (Austin, TX)

Day time show, SOLO SET w/ Total Unicorn, Sound Mass (My Education/Theta Naught collaboration), Whirr, Casket Girls,

Play By Numbers, FALD (Fuck Art Let's dance), Ola Podrida, Bentrax, The Loom, Matt Burnett, Farrago

03.13.13 SXSW BEERLAND (Austin, TX) w/ Ralph White, Life Stinks, Shark Toys, G. Green, Cop City Chill Pillars, Same Sac

03.08.13 35 DENTON (Denton, TX) ANDY'S w/ Cloudland Canyon. Juve, Cutter

02.18.13 The Record Bar (KCMO) 9PM w/ Arrington DeDionyso w/ Mark Southerland, Ashley Miller, and Shawn Hanson

03.08.13 35 DENTON (Denton, TX) ANDY'S w/ Cloudland Canyon. Juve, Cutter




10.10.12 White Trash Fast Food (BERLIN, GERMANY) w/ WHITE HILLS


10.07.12 treviso italia tbc


10.05.12 VENEZIA ITALIA el cocuy






09.29.12 TOULOUSE/basel FRANCE

09.28.12 tolouse/zurich FRANCE



09.26.12 PARIS FRANCE Record Store performance

09.25.12 Brighton uk w/


09.23.12 LIVERPOOL UK MELLO MELLO GNOD + Local Support


09.20.12 MANCHESTER UK " Night and Day Cafe" GNOD

09.19.12 ANTWERPEN BELGIUM SCHELD'ALPEN 250 + % yes yes



09.15.12 DUSSELDORF GERMANY "filmwerkstatt düsseldorf



07.18.12 La Esquina Gallery (KCMO) All Ages 9PM w/ Chris Forsyth, A Pairing

06.06.12 THE RECORD BAR (KCMO) w/ Conquerors, Yam $7 10PM

05.19.12 KC PCYCHFEST Fokl Center ALL Ages

04.28.12 KIRBY'S BEER STORE (Wichita, KS) FREE SHOW w/ Sir Baar, Leavenworth

04.27.12 THE NORMAN MUSIC FESTIVAL (Norman, OK) w/ True Widow +

03.26.12 THE RECORD BAR (KCMO) w/ Dustin Wong, Woodsman

02.19.12 THE RECORD BAR (KCMO) 8PM $5 w/ Jazz Discharge



01.28.11 FOKL (KCKS) w/ Lazy, Witch & Hare

01.20.11 THE BURLINGTON (Chicago, IL) w/ Cleared, Sam Prekop


11.18.11 FOKL (KCKS) ALL AGES 8PM We are Tribe presents Conquerors + fashion show

10.09.11 FOKL (KCKS) ALL AGES w/ Close/Far, Gangi, Scammers & South Bitch Diet

06.19.11 Pizza Power Presents @ Mirth (745 New Hampshire, Lawrence, KS) Umberto, Bo and the Locomotive, Zuululuuz

06.21.11 The Fire House (KCMO, all ages 9:30PM) w/ Woodsman, Mars Lights

06.04.11 FLOAT YOUR FACE MUSIC FESTIVAL - Floating Laboratories (St Louis, MO) w/ Keith Fullerton Whitman, Ghost Ice +

05.28.11 Monta HQ Warehouse Space KC, KS w/ Monta at Odds

05.13.11 Under the Radar @ The Foundation (West Bottoms, KCMO) w/ Plante, Goodwillies+

03.20.11 PIZZA PARLOUR (Austin, TX) w/ Shit & Shine, Umberto, Blank Realm, Topping Bottoms, Borneo, Lame Drivers, Dylan Ettinger,

Daughters of The Sun +

03.15.11 United States Art Authority (Austin, TX) w/ Thousand Foot Whale Claw, AMASA•GANA, Silent Land Time Machine, Smokey Emery, Sungod, White Creeps, Toby Aronson, Hubble, Matthew David, Speculator, Woodsman, Quiet Evenings, Nude Sunrise

03.14.11 The Fire House (KCMO) ALL AGES w/ Daughters of the Sun, Charnal House, Dylan Ettinger



11.12.10 Albuquerque, NM - Winning Coffee w/Luperci +

11.08.10 Los Angeles, CA - Oragami Vinyl

11.07.10 Los Angeles, CA - F House w/ Scott McCann, Harassor

11.06.10 KJFC - radio show

11.05.10 Oakland, CA - Heco's Place w/ Fuck the 5-O, Date Palms, Wormses

11.04.10 San Francisco - Red Devil Lounge w/ TBA

11.03.10 Sacramento, CA - The Cake House w/TBA

11.01.10 Seattle, WA - Rendezvous w/ Brother Raven, Megabats

10.30.10 Portland, OR - Dunes w/ Edibles, Beyond

10.27.10 Denver, CO - The Walnut Room w/ Obit Service, Still Light

10.24.10 Kansas City, MO - Haycyon Divercified Trading in-store 6pm

10.22.10 Minneapolis, MN w/ Daughters of the Sun +

10.20.10 Madison, WI w/ Drunjus

10.19.10 Milwaukee, IL TBA w/ TBA

10.18.10 St Louis, MO Floating Laboratories w/ Eric Hall +

10.17.10 Bloomington, IN - Rachael's Cafe w/ Charnal House, Skyprojection

10.16.10 Chicago, IL - Rueben's Palace w/TBA

10.15.10 Cleveland, OH - Cool Ranch w/ Sam Goldberg

10.13.10 Burlington, VT - Monkey House w/ Little Teeth +

10.12.10 Montreal - Casa del Popolo w/ Sundrips

10.08.10 Portland, ME - Apohadion - w/ AGE, Coke Weed

10.07.10 Boston, MA - White Haus w/ Keith Fullerton Whitman +

10.06.10 Ithaca, NY - Sound & Season House w/TBA

10.05.10 Brooklyn, NY - Zebulon w/TBA

10.03.10 New York, NY - East Village Radio Show

10.02.10 WNYU Set (record at 2pm for on-air 10/4)

09.30.10 New York, NY - Santos Party House w/ Burning Star Core, La Otracina, Ancient Ocean

09.28.10 Providence - AS220 w/ Ancient Ocean, Ordinary Machinery, o.#+

09.26.10 Boston, MA - The Firehouse w/Ancient Ocean +

09.25.10 Brooklyn, NY - Death By Audio w/ MV + EE, Ancient Ocean ESP SHOW

09.24.10 Philly, PA - Highwire w/ MV + EE, Ancient Ocean

09.23.10 Baltimore, MD - Golden West w/ Ancient Ocean +

09.22.10 Washington, DC - The Fridge - Sonic Circuits Festival w/ Ancient Ocean, Keith Fullerton Whitman

09.21.10 Charlottesville, VA - The Bridge PAI w/ Ancient Ocean

09.20.10 Greensboro, NC w/ Andrew Weathers, Ancient Ocean

09.19.10 Knoxville, TN -- Pilot Light w/ Ancient Ocean

09.18.10 Nashville, TN -- Open Lot w/ Ancient Ocean, and others*

09.17.10 Murfreesboro, TN - Trash Mountain w/ Clearing, Ancient Ocean

09.15.10 Athens, GA Oneta St. Warehouse w/ Brainworlds, Council

09.14.10 Atlanta, GA Eyedrum w/ Brainworlds

08.20.10 Neon Marshmellow Festival (Chicago, IL) w/ Astral Social Club, The Haters, Bhob Rainey, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Dave Phillips, Disgust, Cornucopia, Sunglasses, Pete Fosco, R. Jencks (aka Sixes), Leticia Castaneda, Illusion of Safety, Fatale, EID, Skin Graft, Rust Worship, Flower Man

08.07.10 AJS Memorial Hall (19th @ Charlotte, KCMO) w/ Peaking Lights, Metal Rouge & Sam Hamilton

07.10.10 The Ghost Parlor (1005 Poyntz, Manhattan, KS) w/ Aaron Martin, Sounding the Deep, The Heat Index

07.08.10 The Brick (KC, MO) w/ CAVE, CC Headcleaner, I Love You

06.13.10 Casa del Popolo (Montreal, Canada) w/ William Basinski, Discipline X

06.12.10 Naco Gallery Cafe (1665 Dundas St West, Toronto, ON Canada) w/ Beard Closet, Gack, Nif-D

06.11.10 CAID (5141 Rosa parks Blvd in Detroit, MI) w/ Kevin Boyer, Leeches (Andrew Coltrane+Dan Dluglosielski), and Spykes

05.05.10 The Foundation (KCMO) w/ Sightings, Ree-Yees+

04.17.10 The Replay Lounge (Lawrence, KS) w/ Daughters of the Sun, Vampire Hands

03.14.10 The Pistol Social Club (1219 Union, KCMO) w/ Prince Rama of Ayodhya, The Alters +



11.21.09 Under the Radar @ The Foundation (1221 Union Ave, KCMO) Daughters of the Sun, Aaron Martin, CJ Boyd, Matt Dill, Doby Watson

10.24.09 Pete's Candy Shop (709 Lorimer St, Williamsburg, NY) CMJ SHOWCASE w/ The Great Republic of Rough and Ready, The Moore Brothers

10.23.09 Whitehaus Family Hootenanny (10 Seaverns Ave, Jamaica Plain, MA) w/ various

10.22.09 WNYU @ The Market Hotel (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Gary War, Eric Copeland (Black Dice), Fluffy Lumbers with DJs Mike McGill and Mr. A Ok

10.21.09 Recording @ Black Dirt Studio (Westtown, NY)

10.20.09 Metropolis Underground (615 S. Main Street, Syracuse, NY)

10.19.09 The Shop (312 E Seneca St, Ithaca, NY) w/ Blues Control, American Sphinx, Brian!

10.18.09 Germ Books (2005 Frankford Ave Philidelphia, PA) w/ PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA, COMOROS, EYES LIKE SAUCERS $5 All Ages

10.17.09 The Copycat Theatre (1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD) w/ PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA+

10.11.09 The Record Bar (KCMO) w/ Wovenhand

10.04.09 Bela Dubby (Cleveland, OH) w/ PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA

10.03.09 The Automatic (Chicago, IL) w/ PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA, JULIAN LYNCH, OS

10.03.09 Permanent Records (Chicago IL) w/ PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA 6PM All Ages!

10.02.09 House Party (Madison, WI) w/ PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA, BONE PATROL, DRUNJUS All Ages

10.01.09 White Lightning Warehouse (Iowa City, IA) w/ PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA & VIKING FUCK

09.30.09 Hair Hole (Columbia, MO) w/ PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA+

09.28.09 Folk Yeah Presents MV & EE w/ Expo '70 @ Cafe du Nord (San Francico, California)

09.27.09 Folk Yeah Presents MV & EE w/ Dead Meadow, Bronze, Inner Beauty & Expo '70 @ Historic Brookdale Lodge (Brookdale, California)

09.25.09 Folk Yeah Presents MV & EE w/ Expo '70 @ Henry Miller Library (Big Sur, California)

08.18.09 Emerald Space (KCMO) w/ Inyan Kara & Catacombz ALL AGES

07.30.09 The Riot Room (westport, KC) w/ Plante & Sounding the Deep

07.17.09 The Brick (1727 McGee, KC) w/ Strange Attractors & Thee Water Moccasins

06.30.09 Pistol Social Club (1219 Union Ave, KC) w/ Prussia & Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk. 9PM $5

05.23.09 Under The Radar Vol. VII @ The Foundation w/ Hotel Hotel, Salesman & Restless Breed

05.17.09 The Emerald Space (KCMO) w/ Cave & Monta at Odds

05.10.09 Good Style Shop (402 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI) w/ Totally Ripped & Sex Negatives. FREE ALL AGES! 6PM! +

05.09.09 The Electric Company in French (1318 W. Cermak, Chicago, IL) w/ Ghost Ice, Sadhu Sadhu, Bitchin’ Bajas

05.09.09 Permanent Records Instore Performance (1914 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL) w/ Three Eyed Skull. 6PM all ages. FREE!

05.08.09 SIN CITY JAZZ SESSIONS @ The Foundation (1221 Union Ave, KCMO) w/ SNUFF JAZZ & THE FUSE ~ experimental/imporv. ALL AGES

05.04.09 Jackpot Saloon (Lawrence, KS) w/ Vivian Girls, Ponytail, Fag Cop, Tracer Face 9PM.

04.20.09 The Church (31st & Troost KCMO) w/ Vampire Hands & Wrong Crowd ALL AGES 9PM

04.18.09 The Foundation (1221 Union Ave, KCMO): New directions in Jazz,Improvised, and Experimental Music Showcase ALL AGES

04.04.09 Good Style Shop (wned by Aaron & Indra of Peaking Lights!) Art Opening Performance

03.15.09 The Pistol Social Club (KCMO) w/ Mythical Beast & Prince Rama of Ayodhya (Boston, MA) All Ages $5

02.19.09 The Pistol Social Club (KCMO) w/ Sounding The Deep & Plante All Ages $5

01.04.09 Fred P. Otts (KCMO) w/ Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk (Lawrence) 21+ 10PM $5



11.29.08 CAPC Contemporary Art Museum - I?O Psychedelic Explorations in France, 1968 - 8 (Bordeaux, France) 3 day music festival.

11.12.08 The Pistol Social Club (Kansas City) w/ Peaking Lights (members of Rahdunes & Numbers)

11.08.08 NIGHTWORLDS @ The Foundation (1221 Union Avenue, KCMO)

10.23.08 Harrison Fort (KCMO) w/ Cave (Chicago, IL)

10.22.08 18th St Taproom (Lawrence, KS) w/ Cave (Chicago, IL)

10.12.08 The Record Bar (1020 Westport Rd, KC. MO) w/ Rainbow Arabia (LA), Gangi (LA)

10.10.08 UNDER THE RADAR @ The Foundation (1221 Union Avenue, KCMO) w/ Yellow lab, Mannequin Skywalker and Sonic Electrojet.

10.04.08 Lover Garden Sounds (Lawrence, KS) "Black Ohms" CD release & Art show for Ashley Lande

08.31.08 Franks Power Plant (2800 S KK Ave, Milwaukee, WI) w/ Metal Rouge, Black Eagle Child, Lonely Sound

08.29.08 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha, NE) w/ Fathr^, Brainworlds

08.25.08 The Golden House Albuquerque, NM w/ Father of the Flood, Luperci

08.22.08 The Smell ( LA, CA) w/ White Breath, Rainbow Arabia

08.21.08 Meta Music Records (Santa Cruz, CA) w/ HexBreaker, Kamm, Nate Archer (of Rahdunes)

08.20.08 KFJC 89.7 FM (Los Altos Hills, CA) Live Performance at 4PM

08.19.08 Hemlock Tavern (San Francisco, CA) w/ ARP & Wooden Shjips

08.18.08 Valentine's (Portland, OR) w/ Grouper

08.16.08 Recording @ The Glob w/ Temples

08.15.08 The Glob (Denver, CO) w/ Temples, Vampire Pussy+

07.22.08 The Record Bar (1020 Westport Rd, KC. MO) w/ Sounding the Deep, Nero. 21+ $5. 9PM

07.07.08 Skinless Gallery (KC. MO) w/Eric Hall & Pacific Before Tiger. All Ages $5. Show is early due to residency, 8PM SHARP!

03.08.08 The Duke (Lawrence, Kansas) w/Peaking Lights (members of Rahdunes & Numbers), VXPXC (los Angeles), Boo & Boo Two

03.07.08 Practice Space (Ames, Iowa) w/Peaking Lights, Vampire Hands, Wolves in the Attic, Dot Coma



10.05.07 Pointless Forest (Kansas City, MO) w/ Rahdunes & Suishou No Fune. ALL AGES 9PM

09.24.07 Harrison Fort (Kansas City, MO) w/ Rahdunes, Mosquito Bandito, Polymer Slug. ALL AGES 9PM

09.23.07 Lemp Arts Center (St Louis, MO) w/ Rahdunes, CharlieJMoneybags, Hefner + ALL AGES 8PM

09.16.07 The Pistol Social Club (Kansas City, MO) w/ Ecstatic Sunshine & The Sperm ALL AGES 8PM

06.11.07 Silverlake Lounge FREE SHOW (Los Angeles, CA) w/Thailand

06.08.07 Painted Bird Gallery (San Francisco, CA) w/Collaboration with Rahdunes

06.07.07 Edinburgh Castle (San Francisco, CA) w/Rahdunes (SF), Metal Rouge (NZ), Wooden Shjips (SF) & TBA

04.29.07 The Pistol Social Club (Kansas City, MO) w/Duane Pitre/Pilotram (ex-Ilya & The Camera Obscura) will also do an improv set together.

04.22.07 Grinders Annex (415 E 18th Street, Kansas City, MO) w/Ettrick, Clan of the Cave Bear & This is My Condition



11.15.06 The Record Bar (Kansas City, MO) W/ Instrumental Quarter from Italy.

11.04.06 Mike's Tavern (Kansas City, MO) A Benefit show for STAND Coalition W/ Lovers In Transit, Supernaughts, Greyhound, and Chupa Cabra

10.14.06 Corduroy's Espresso Spot (Chicago, IL) w/Home Recording Project & Mysterious Notes Found in Wreckage

10.15.06 8th Note Cafe in the UWM Union (Milwaukee, WI) w/ Ettrick (SF) & Mysterious Notes Found in Wreckage

08.25.06 KKFI 90.1FM (Kansas City, MO) Expo '70 live performance from 10-11PM

08.13.06 The Pistol Social Club (Kansas City, MO) w/ Nat Baldwin, Extra Life, Expo '70

06.19.06 Valhalla Gallery (Kansas City, MO) w/ This is My Condition, Laundry Room Squelchers, Rabbit Girls, Krunk Shuttle, Aaron Martin, Umbros, America's Meth Problem, Spunky Toofers, Expo 70



09.02.04 The Smell (Los Angeles, CA) w/ Open City, The Hotogisu, Tom Carter



11.15.03 The Smell (Los Angeles, CA) w/ Tyondai Braxton, Books On Tape, Qui

11.16.03 Koo's (Long Beach, CA) w/ Tyondai Braxton, The Manifolds, BARR