Shawn E Hansen and Terrane tapes now available.

Aaron Hawn "GUHNZ" and Expo '70 "July 18, 2004" shipping now!

Expo '70 "July 18, 2004" LP/CS, bonus material available via BANDCAMP>>.

Pre-orders up now for Expo '70 "July 18, 2004" LP/CS, bonus material available for pre-order via BANDCAMP>>.

New cassette releases this month by Laube and Expo '70.

New cassette releases this month by Metzengerstein and Gemini Revolution.

New Expo '70 LP and cassettes by Carlos Villena and Star Turbine out now!

New Expo '70 CS, Blackest Rainbow's sold out release "Beguiled Entropy" + the "Hovering Resonance" LP tracks all together on one cassette! Should be arriving just after Christmas, limited to 100 copies, mastered by James Plotkin.

The Sounding the Deep LP's were delayed, pressing plant mistake, they are shiping.

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Permanent Records
Aquarius Records
Immune Recordings
Aguirre Records
Tomentosa Records
Meditations (Japan)
DNT Records
Pirate Ship Records
Who Can You Trust? (Germany)
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Mills Record Company

Love Garden Sounds


Terrane "Basalt Palisades"CS

Shawn E Hansen "Feldspar Ford Maverick" CS

New releases by Luperci, Sounding the Deep and Comoros / Expo '70 are here! The new Sounding the Deep will also be released on limited digipak CD as well, 100 copies.

6 new cassettes have arrived! Releases from Sungod, Duane Pitre, Laube, Star Turbine, Kyle Landstra and Koi Pond all on cassette. Special packaged deals for sale right now!

KOI POND "So Higher" LP's have arrived! Order your copy now! Cassette version to come next week with the other new releases which are: Sungod, Star Turbine, Laube, Kyle Landstra and Duane Pitre!.

TAPES ARE SHIPPING! They arrived yesterday...

Sorry to everyone waiting on their orders. There was a delay with one of the cassettes, which held them all up, they should have been here a month ago, but the added delay has set them back. The cassette manufacturer has been behind and not giving me a real estimated ship date, they are doing this to everyone I have talked to. The original ship date was for November 18th. All orders will be shipped asap once they arrive.

While you wait for the new releases to come, please check the AUDIO section for an updated player of all new releases coming!

To everyone waiting patiently for the new cassettes by Cloudland Ballroom and White HIlls, there has been a delay from the manufacturer and we're hoping they ship to us by next week. Sorry for the delay, it's kinda outta my hands, but hope they ship very soon!

Up next are Cloudland Ballroom and White Hills tapes, they are available to order now. Next up will be a live set of J.D. Emmanuel's from 1982, Lamp of the Universe (New Zealand) and Sungod (Austin,TX). We'll be releases another LP soon by Koi Pond and collaborating with Psychic Sounds label to co-release Bill Doob's (member of Million Brazilians) "10:10 Opening the Digital Door" LP, screenprinted limited run.

Expo '70 "Awakening" LP now available in the releases section. There will also be a limited digipak CD version. Will be shipping the second week of July.

New releases of Shroud of Winter, Brain Syndrome, Sounding the Deep and Expo '70 "Awakening" CS are available now to order. "Awakening" LP will be up for pre-order shorty, had a problem with the test pressing so we're looking towards the end of the month for this to arrive to us.

Re-pressings of Brainworlds "•••", Expo '70 "Center of the Earth" are available. Next batch of tapes are Shoud of Winter, Brain Syndrome, Sounding the Deep and by the end of the month pre-orders for Expo '70 "Awakening" will begin for the vinyl version & the cassette will be available before.

New releases from Brainworlds and Million Brazilions available for consumption, the CDr's of these will be available shortly. Also got a few copies of "The Holy Mountain" by Luperci on vinyl while he was here performing on a short tour with Hedia.

On the way for May, Expo '70 "Awakening" LP/CS (pre-orders up soon with a limited Expo '70 cassette of early recordings), Brain Syndrome, Shroud of Winter and a collection of unreleased material by Sounding the Deep.

New releases by Nova Scotian Arms, Luperci, Breathing Flowers and a re-issue of Sounding the Deep's first album are available now. CDr versions available as well.

Have a few copies of Sounding the Deep "Glacier" CDr and Plante "Temples on High" CS that was released on Sweat Lodge Guru. Next big batch of cassettes coming from Luperci, Breathing Flowers, Nova Scotian Arms and Million Brazilians. Hopefully within the next few weeks they'll be in house, it's a stunning batch!

Also, doing another small batch of Umberto "From the Grave" CS, Sounding the Deep "Glacier" CS and Expo '70 "Psychic Funeral" CS if anyone missed out. Umberto "From the Grave" LP has been repressed bt Permanent Records and we offer it again for sale. For the first time we'll be pressing Sounding the Deep's first album "Night" on cassette, originally self-released in 2008 on CD, copies of the CD are still available.

Expo '70 "Blackout" arrives tomorrow, so everything will be shipping out by the weekend, hopefully. "Blackout" will be released on CDr with a full color 6 panel CD case from Debacle Recordings (Seattle) which should be ready by the end of the month in an edition of 150.